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In France, codes seem to be particularly popular. Shipping to France with Hermes Whether postcodes or front door codes – without the right number, there is little when shipping to neighboring France. In order for the package to be received successfully, you should have a few numbers to hand when addressing the shipment:

House number: In French addresses, the house number and street name are written in the reverse order than is usual in Germany. For example, “2 Rue Vivienne” not “Rue Vivienne 2”.

Apartment number: If possible, you should also note the number of the recipient’s apartment or floor if he lives in an apartment building.

Front door code: On many front doors in France, there are no bell plates with names, but keypads with numbers. To get into the building, the courier has to enter a door code. If this door code is not available and the courier is unable to deliver the shipment to the front door on the first delivery attempt, he will deliver it to the nearest partner branch. In France, delivery to a neighbor is usually only made if the recipient has received the relevant information.

Telephone number: If the recipient’s telephone number is given when the parcel label is created, this makes delivery by our shipping partner easier. The recipient can then receive delivery notifications by mobile phone, among other things.

Special case Cédex: The indication of Cédex includes a special delivery service that is not provided by Hermes, therefore no Cédex addresses should be given as the delivery address.

Post code: The French post code, the so-called Code Postal, has five digits and is made up as follows:


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